Why You Should Renovate

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The Top 4 Reasons You Want to Remodel Your Kitchen or Bath

house renovation Most homeowners want to make a few changes to their homes after a few years. Either they feel the functionality of a space isn’t meeting their needs. Or, times may have changed and the style they once loved now seems outdated. In some other cases, advances in materials and technology make it seem like a good idea to upgrade. Finally, it could be that the timing is right, they have the money and contractors are willing to make deals. Whatever the reason, here are some of the things that homeowners look for when they’re upgrading a kitchen or bath. Also, many companies can provide professional help to homeowners renovation project.

Functionality – This is typically the biggest reason for a home remodel. The sink is too small, the stove doesn’t have enough burners or the layout isn’t conducive to entertaining. There are numerous functionality issues that crop up when actually using a space that lead a homeowner to want to change it. Sometimes plumbing is old or a homeowner wishes to switch to gas for their appliances because it’s easier to cook with and cheaper, so why not remodel at the same time? When doing a kitchen or bath remodel, keep the functionality of the space of primary importance in the final design.

Style – If the problem is just aesthetic, homeowners can often slap on a few coats or paint or hire a tile-layer to get a different look. However, in most cases, the functionality is missing as well as the style. In that case, cabinets may be old and outdated and new cabinets may offer more functional use of the space while giving the kitchen a brand new look. In this way, the homeowner kills two birds with one stone.

painter New Materials and Technologies – New materials offer more durability, environmentally-friendly options, and can look nicer too. So, people often will pull out a laminate counter top and add a stone one to upgrade a kitchen or add a new serving bar. Laminate floors also date a kitchen and some homeowners can turn to tile or bamboo flooring for a new look. Some of the newer laminates are also made from recyclable materials and give the appearance of wood instead of plastic, so they offer a good choice of flooring. Lighting might be switched out from incandescent to LED, adding features like under-cabinet lighting without upping electricity bills. Appliances are switched out to energy-saving models.

Other Reasons to Remodel a Kitchen or Bath

The reasons for starting a remodel project are many and varied, and don’t all fall into the neat categories above. Some people decide that they need to change a space because a new baby is coming into the family or an elderly relative will now be living with them. They may want to put their house on the market and think that by updating the look it will sell faster. These are all great reasons to remodel, especially when the timing is right and the deals are out there.