Ideal Bathroom Remodels

cool designsimple modern bathroom There is no “one-size-fits-all” bathroom remodeling design that will please everyone. Bathroom remodels can be as creative as the imagination of the homeowners. Some bathrooms may evoke a Zen-like meditation area where parents can get away from the kids and get a good soak in the sunken tub. Others celebrate nature with rain-simulating showers and plenty of greenery. If your ideal bathroom is a azure blue spa pool in the middle of a sandy dessert motif, then that’s the type of bathroom you should seek to create in your own home. It’s easy to do when you pick the right fixtures, get a good motif going, and create just the right atmosphere to evoke that image in your head in real life.

Minimalism Is In – Asian areas are very minimal and modern and can make an ideal bathroom area to shed the cares of the world. In this type of space, less is more. Fixtures and lighting are unobtrusive and often hidden. Tubs are sunken. Steel, gray, and muted neutral colors that remind one of nature are used to create this look. Instead of a tub, a glass-enclosed shower might be enough to open the space visually and still be functional. Natural lighting is key to create a Zen-like atmosphere.

Include a Tropical Zone in Your Home – For the green thumbs in the house, a bathroom is an ideal place to nurture plants with a misty, semi-tropical, environment. They may want racks of plants in the area or just decor and motifs that evoke animals and plants of the Amazon forest. Someone who enjoys nature this much may be more environmentally-sensitive than others and demand water-conservation fixtures, like shower heads, low-flow toilets and faucets. They may opt for bamboo or stone materials as they are more natural. A skylight or solar tubes can help to bring the natural light in so that they don’t have to rely on flourescent or CFL lighting.

bathroom oasis design The Sandy Oasis – Beige and white tile work that evoke a Medditerranean feel can make this budget-friendly design an easy one to choose. If you need to make the bathroom more comfortable for an elderly relative, you might want to add a walk-in tub or some bars to hold on to while they shower. Ceramic sinks and pedestals are classic and go with this design. This contemporary design is suitable for a variety of different finishes, and works well with paint as well, not just tile. Planters with desert succulents and the like can help to give it that sandy beach feel. A radiant heated floor can help take the chill off those wintery mornings.

Get Ideas From Yourself and Others

Whether you are trying to convert your bathroom to a spa or a functional space for plants, there are as many potential styles as there there are remodeling dreams. All it takes is a casual walk through your memories to consider what you want in your ideal bathroom. Then, have fun with it and take a look at a few online portfolios to see how others are creating the bathroom of their dreams in real life.