DIY Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

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Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many great DIY stores out there that have great store representatives that will help to answer any questions you may have. From cabinetry experts to electrical technicians they have people in each department that have years of experience. It also doesn’t have to break your budget. In many towns, there are what are called restores like Southwestern Building Maintenance that sell everything from lighting fixtures to carpet remnants that are sold at such low prices that you can get almost everything you need for a steal.

clean bathA restore is simply a place where people donate items that they can’t use in their own remodels or pieces that have been removed, such as cabinets and appliances that are in excellent working condition. The items are then sold at rock-bottom prices. You can usually find just about anything you are looking for.

The best thing to do is come up with an idea and keep meticulous notes as you are going along. Draw up a floor plan showing footage of the floor and where you want everything to go. Keep this with you as you are shopping for items for your new kitchen or bathroom as well as a tape measure so that should measurement questions arise as to whether an item will fit in your new remodeled room won’t become a problem later. This prevents buyers remorse.

diy remodeling It’s best to shop ahead regarding your color schemes. All paint stores provide paint cards that you can hang on the walls or trim and they are free. Before buying a whole gallon or more of paint that you really don’t like later you can ask for a quart size so that you can test drive the color on the walls or trim to make sure it’s a color you can live with. Keep in mind that the paint card colors don’t always look the same when you actually paint that color on your walls. This has to do with lighting and other various factors.

Remodeling your kitchen or bath can seem like a huge job but it doesn’t have to if you sit down and write up a step by step plan of how you want to get the job done from beginning to end. In this way, you aren’t feeling like you bit off more than you can chew. The best thing about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is that when it’s all done and said you’ll be much happier and feel greater satisfaction knowing you did it yourself.