Kitchen Renovation

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classic kitchen design Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Fit Your Lifestyle

A kitchen remodel can change a utilitarian space into a welcoming comfort zone that is used for more than just prepping meals. Today’s kitchens serve many functions. They can be entertainment areas and impromptu breakfast nooks. They can serve as a place to pay bills or watch your favorite cooking show as you try to keep up in the kitchen. There is no doubt that the kitchen has become the new living area most often frequented by a family and guests. Here are some ways to expand your own kitchen’s basic functionality in your next kitchen remodel. You will find also useful tips about your bathroom remodel project provided by day porter services Tucson.

Add a High Counter or Bar

Since people love to gather around when meals are being prepared, it’s a good idea to have a seating area that can accommodate them. A high bar or counter can also double as a breakfast eating area as well as a spot for guests to put their wine glasses when they’re watching you cook. Bar areas offer some unique style choices in kitchen remodels because they are also the perfect place for pendant light. Kids can sit at the bar and do their homework under your watchful eyes as you cook dinner too.

Open the Floor Plan

If your kitchen is tightly enclosed, it can feel claustrophobic. It also can be difficult to keep tabs on young ones in a nearby living room. The solution is to open the floor plan so that the kitchen is visible from different rooms in the house. This can make both rooms feel bigger and provide a way to communicate across different spaces. It’s also a favorite choice of people who like a modern, expansive, feel to a home.

Upgrade to a Chef’s Dream

Maybe cooking is the single most enjoyable activity you have in mind for your kitchen. There are still plenty of ways to update the kitchen into a chef’s dream. You can replace cramped sinks with farmer’s sinks and plumbing that makes it easy to fill a large pot for pasta. Some people even choose to add two faucets, one each in different areas of the kitchen, one for washing dishes and the other nearer to food prep surfaces. Upgrade from electric to gas, if gas is nearby, and you’ll instantly find temperatures more easily managed. Upgrade appliances and change their layout, depending on how you want to accommodate your cooking dreams.

island kitchen Create a Multi-Purpose Kitchen Design

Once you understand how you will be using the kitchen in conjunction with your lifestyle, you will be able to get some good ideas for how to change it to better suit your purposes. Families with young children may want an open layout with community dining. Elderly empty-nesters may prefer a a closed-in space, but add a counter for that after dinner nightcap or a morning cup of coffee. Figure out your lifestyle needs and then plan your kitchen accordingly.