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Considerations to Make Before You Start a Home Remodeling Project

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home renovationOnce you’re project is off the ground, there will be less room for change that doesn’t directly impact the bottom line. That’s why it’s important to do your research before you sign on the dotted line to get the work done. While style and functionality may be the primary reason someone decides to upgrade a space like a kitchen or bathroom, there is far more that goes into the final decision. Budgets may require some changes in the final design and some compromises. If the project has a deadline, it may end up increasing costs and reducing the number of contractors who specialize in the remodeling project you want who can fit it into their schedules. Finally, other considerations are whether a project is environmentally-safe or requiring of special permits. Thus, not every dream design makes it off the board and into your home.


Unless you’re wealthy to start, most home remodeling designs may need to take your budget in mind. Instead of marble countertops, you may only be able to afford formica so that you can get the new cabinets you want too. The ceramic backsplash may be sacrificed for a spa tub. There is always give and take in a budget and only the homeowner can decide what they are willing to spend on and what can be held off for another time. Write all your home remodeling ideas down. Get a good idea of how much they cost, and then look for similar substitutes and find trade-offs so that you get most of what you want and can still stay within budget. Always pad your budget by 10 percent as cost over-runs are standard when remodeling a space.

Time Table

Every project should have a time table with deliverables that should be met by the contractor. If you have some special need for the remodel, like a new member coming into the family, you need to make sure to either give enough time to the remodeler to do the project or be prepared to pay them more for a rushed job. Start looking early and schedule in some down time for that particular space in your home, maybe scheduling showers at the gym or eating out more often until the kitchen is fully complete.

home renovation Portfolio and Testimonials

Check out portfolios online to see what type of remodeling projects a contractor has done in the past. They may specialize in offering environmentally-friendly upgrades and have knowledge about different flooring materials, paints, and counter tops that can meet those specifications. Don’t be afraid to consult with them before you hire them and check out their other projects online. If they have leftovers from a similar project, they may even be able to offer you a discount on a specific material used in your remodel and get you more bang for your buck. Make sure they are bonded and insured in the even that they have an accident while in your home.