More Space In Your House

home repairMake a Small Kitchen or Bathroom Seem Bigger

colors in kitchen Nothing is worse than a cramped kitchen or bathroom, but there are ways to make a small space seem grander and lighter. Unfortunately, many older houses suffer from these types of miniature plans when today’s consumers prefer lighter, more open, spaces. If you can’t knock out a wall, what other choices can you make to create that look and feel? Here are some ideas.

Make the Walls and Ceilings Brighter – Paint can go a long way in a kitchen to brighten up a space. White or pastels can instantly create a feeling of spaciousness. However, even glass tile or stainless steel surfaces can provide enough reflection to brighten a space. Paint the walls and ceilings, and even the cabinets in a neutral monotone and it will instantly widen the look and feel of the space.

Light Up the Space More – Lighting, whether it is from an extra window, a new skylight, or simply from new electrical fixtures is the key to brightening a tight space and making it seem bigger. Natural light is the most desirable type of light and a skylight or solar tubes can bring that in without adding to your utility bills. However, if you can’t do that, you can always check into innovative LED lighting for under the cabinets, pendant lighting for islands or counter tops, and ceiling fixtures that make your space bright and welcoming.

Replace Kitchen Cabinetry – Old, boxy, cabinetry that had a shelf space above, may be blocking a floor plan that is open and inviting. Instead, opt for taller cabinets that are flatter on the outside in a light finish. You can also use glass doors to produce a feeling of depth in the kitchen and show off your prized dinnerware or wine glasses.

bathroom sinksRemove Outdated Fixtures – Large tubs that take up too much space in a cramped bathroom can be removed and replaced with a shower stall, gaining valuable space. Maybe you don’t need a double-oven on the wall anymore and can make do with a range and a toaster oven or above range microwave. There is nothing that says you must have a large oven in your kitchen, particularly if you don’t use it. Take a good look at your appliances and fixtures, their footprint, and decide whether you can replace or eliminate them entirely with better choices.

Change the Layout – Remove a few islands and counters that you may not need or replace them with more functional areas that include a bar area or extra food prep and storage. Instead of a double vanity in the bathroom, opt for a single pedestal sink to gain more space and use an outside closet in another room for towel storage. Then, if you want that large spa tub in there, it might actually fit in a tiny bathroom and still be visually wide open.